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At Hall & Co, we specialise in accountancy services, however to ensure our clients receive everything they require in order to run an efficient business, we can outsource a range of IT services for our customers, to our local agency.


How we can help

Website Design

Most businesses require a website in order to operate online, whether that be for informative, booking or e-commerce purposes – we can help you. Our local agency, Social Blueprints, offers three packages to ensure that you have a professional online presence. Enabling you to stand out from your competitors and reach your target audience.

Email & Hosting

Along with having a highly engaging and converting website, hosting is required to keep it live and readily available for visitors. Social blueprints offers hosting for all of their customers – and if you come through us, there will be added discounts.

When operating a company, continuous brand image and professionalism is of upmost important to remain recognised as trustworthy, established organisation. Our agency offers professional email addresses also, ie, 

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visit, to find out more about the packages they offer and see which one with suit your requirements the most


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